Zenith is a new type of health app. While technology is supposed to improve people's lives, nutrition and health applications currently on the app store tend to focus on numbers and calorie counts, therefore encouraging obsessive behaviors towards food and becoming dangerous tools to young people who have struggled with body image issues. Zenith introduces a holistic approach to health and promotes life-long wellness through its features, which include a recipe bank, a pill tracker, a meal checklist, a portion reference and health hacks. Through our app, we promote healthy eating habits and a happy lifestyle without pressuring users into losing weight or fitting into a specific body type.

"As young girls and media consumers ourselves, we were able to really rally behind the cause that Zenith stands for: encouraging health, not dieting. Seeing our app come to life was a reminder that, with computer science, we have the capability to tackle the issues that we hold close to our hearts."
— Dorothy

Organization: Girls Who Code
Student: Dorothy Quincy
Project Team Members: Dorothy Quincy
Isha Pradhan
Joanne Mouynivong
Margaret Demilt

Type of Work: Uncategorized
Location: Newark - Verizon Ada Lovelace
Grade: 12th Grade
Year Created: 2015

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