WhERe To

When kids open a lemonade stand or students organize a car wash, they are all temporary events that struggle to attract customers. We wanted to build a web app that enables the promotion and accessibility of temporary community events. WhEre To can be used by schools, on campus colleges, and townships to alert the community of things ranging from school fundraisers to dorm activities to town road closings. This app allows the user to be in the know about their community all in one place. We have two main strategies for profiting from WhERe To. First, we will incorporate ads that will target each user without disturbing the user experience. Second, WhERe To will be available in two versions: a freemium version that allows for the basic features and a premium version that also advertises the seller’s events on a recommended page. In order to create this web app, we used HTML, CSS, jQuery, javascript along with a tabletop, mapbox, and Google Maps API. We hope for WhERe To? to help temporary businesses and community institutions develop beneficial connections within their community.

"I enjoyed the journey my team went on to understand and apply geolocation in our application. There were highs and lows but, we got the job done."
— Violet

Organization: Girls Who Code
Project Link: View Project Demo
Student: Violet Kimble
Project Team Members: Janet Chen, Violet Kimble, Ashleigh Forbes, and Samirah Anthony
Type of Work: App
Location: Newark - Verizon Ada Lovelace
Grade: 11th Grade
Year Created: 2015

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