Trash Smash

Our project is a website and game combo that aims to teach children about the negative effects of pollution and ways they can help to reduce it. The website consists of three tabs: learn, play, and live. The learn tab features facts about pollution, formatted in a Q&A form for easy reading. The play tab is the game. In the game, there is a garbage truck that drives down the road, and the player must use the up and down arrow keys to collect waste. The waste comes in two different colors, green and blue: green for trash and blue for recyclables. The player must press either r for recycling or t for trash to change the color of the garbage truck to match the color of the waste that she is collecting. Incorrectly matched truck-waste colors will cost you a life!  The final tab of the website is called live. In this section, we give users suggestions and tips for making our Earth a greener home.

"Raise awareness about pollution, lead a more earth-friendly life, and come out and smash some trash with us!"
— Michelle

To create our project, we used HTML, JavaScript, and CSS programming languages.

Organization: Girls Who Code
Student: Michelle Wu
Project Team Members: Abby Diehl, Delaney Wells, Michelle Wu, Alex Zuber
Type of Work: Website
Location: Boston - TripAdvisor
Grade: 12th Grade
Year Created: 2015

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