Threatened Predators of the Pacific

Our goal is to inform people about the huge impact the extinction of a species has on the world. To demonstrate this, we have created an interactive map in which you can view the paths of various threatened predators that inhabit the Pacific Ocean. By showing only a small number of species, one can imagine how many parts of the world these species reach and how many habitats they affect. We want people to be inspired to save these species before they are no longer in existence.

"By doing this project our team learned how to research and collaborate to program a large and potentially impactful project. Our most important takeaway was our shock at the information we uncovered about the frequency of pacific predators dying and how they affect the ecosystems they belong to. This knowledge instilled a strong desire among all of us to share this information with the world."
— Emily

Organization: Girls Who Code
Student: Emily Davidson
Project Team Members: Trisha Cox, Emily Davidson, Gloria Ramirez, Julie Sauer
Type of Work: Collaboration
Location: Bay Area - GE
Grade: 11th Grade
Year Created: 2015

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