Teens Who Care

What started as thirteen girls coming together to learn to code quickly turned into thirteen girls finding something they all cared about other than coding. Through the project we found that we all loved cute animals, helping others, encouraging others to volunteer, and the environment.

"All girls a part of the Plane Janes enjoyed the experience of making new friends, coming together, and working on coding and the project."
— MacKayla

With our creative yet focused mindset, and with each girl bringing something new to the table, we were able to accomplish a lot. We started our project by each of us getting to know each other, and with girls ages ranging from twelve to sixteen it wasn't that hard. Then each of us cut out different pictures in magazines that we would like our community to look like. We noticed that we all had a lot in common! The papers on which we posted our pictures were full of color! There were animals, food, beautiful environment settings, people working together, art, new science advances, and even more outdoor activities covered the page!

To make sure we were all on the same page, we made a list of the common themes - this list consisted of: economy, animals, the homeless, volunteerism, tourism and recreation. We were told to write down what kinds of things we would like to see, or would like to make happen when people used our website. For example, under Homeless we had things like donations because we want to see more donations given to the homeless shelters, half-way houses and soup kitchens. For Animals we wanted to see more people volunteering, donating toys, food, and other things to animal shelters, and maybe show where they would host an event to see more animals get adopted. For plain out Volunteerism on our website we want sections that would provide you with times and places that would be hosting events. It would show you ways you could get involved with road care, animal shelters, soup kitchens and more! We want people to get involved with our community and environment!

We then selected two of our members to make a boy and a girl customer who would be using our website. Evan and Skye were basic teens loving games indoor and out! Through doing this we learned what kinds of things would be attractive for other teens our age and would capture their attention to use our website. It was fun going through and finding new things that would be cool to add to our website!

During our project it was fun and informative to have people come in and talk about how they use coding and computer science.

It was time to start on our website! We split off into groups based on our skills. We had girls in animation, website design and a game. First, the girls who were on the animation team were in charge of making a story. The girls that were making the game had a lot of fun making it; they had to pull all the skills they had acquired from coding and playing other video games! Finally the girls who made the website had a lot to think about; they needed to pull off an attractive, eye-catching and striking front page that would link you to all our other pages and  ways to volunteer!

To make sure everyone was on task and were getting their jobs done, we made another list! This time we had twenty-two girl-hours to get our website done. We had a To Do List first; it had all the things we needed to get done, including goals we had. Next was the In Process List which is where we moved our tasks and goals once we started them. Finally we had the Done List which is where we put our finished product. Using this method really helped keep us on track throughout the making of the website.

Altogether doing the project and working to find new ideas to help our community and work on the website, then switching over and learning to code was a great, yet tiring experience. With each and every girl working their hardest to finish and polish the project you can see the dedication in the animation, website and game.




Organization: Girls Who Code
Project Link: View Project Demo
Student: MacKayla Savannah Ralphsnyder
Project Team Members: MacKayla Ralphsnyder, Autumn King, Rebecca Sutton, Rachel Coffield, Farah Kisto, Arianna Swint, Christina Sivaprakasam, Askya Patterson, Skylar Treadway, Jeannette Bombardiere, Arwa Siddiq, Cora Clark, Darcy Witt

Type of Work: Collaboration
Location: Charleston, WV
Grade: 10th Grade
Year Created: 2016

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