A web app that matches high schoolAll Posts and college students to tutors in their area, and streamlines the payment process.

"Working on this project has been one of the greatest experiences of my life thus far because of the enthusiasm and tenacity of my amazing group. We set out to solve a problem that we face in finding and paying tutors and we strived to solve it together. Because of our relentless ambition, we spent hours learning new languages like PHP to make our web application work. Lastly, our teamwork and collective dedication was undying. I have never been in an environment like that before and it unveiled the unparalleled power of ambition, persistence, and teamwork."
— Katelyn

Organization: Girls Who Code
Student: Katelyn Biesiadecki
Project Team Members: Katelyn Biesiadecki, Elika Ruintan, Cindy Carillo, Kemi Akenzua, Maya Barber
Type of Work: App
Location: LA - Google
Grade: 11th Grade
Year Created: 2015

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