StressBalm by Tigresse

Let’s face it. If you are alive, you have experienced stress. Stress is natural, it’s your body’s method of reacting to both external and internal demands. If you experience too much stress and it is starting to negatively affect other areas of your life, this app is for you. We bring you StressBalm, a stress relief and management application. 

"Throughout the project we not only educated others but also ourselves about the negative health effects of stress."
— Jahanara

Our aim is to help educate people about the negative effects of stress and a variety of ways to manage it. Approximately 7 in 10 American adults experience both physical and emotional symptoms of stress. StressBalm provides users with a way to both track and treat their stress.

While other stress management applications focus only on one aspect of stress management, StressBalm curates an array of activities including yoga stretches, guided meditations, an active community, and more.

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Organization: Girls Who Code
Project Link: View Project Demo
Student: Jahanara Nares
Project Team Members: Jahanara Nares
Sakina Ali
Sarah Atterbury

Type of Work: App
Location: NYC - AT&T
Grade: 10th Grade
Year Created: 2015

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