The objective of our project is to increase the connection between teenagers and their community by providing a platform for students to easily access information about society and people. We hope to create a more engaged population of youth aspiring to promote change in the world and become the next generation of globally-minded leaders. Our project features tools for offering students the resources necessary to become well-informed individuals with a passion to help others. These features include: a feed page with lists of articles and documentaries based on their interests, a volunteer page designed to match students to specific community service events in their area, a page that allows users to contact their representatives and discuss causes for which they feel strongly, and the ability to input their goal for community service hours to keep track of their progress throughout their volunteering experiences.

"We found no greater feeling of frustration painstakingly implementing code with our fingers crossed, only to discover the whole program broke, and we were forced to inspect each element line by line. With that said, when our project was finally finished, the feeling of pride and accomplishment surpassed all of the problems we faced, and we have each found in ourselves a certain unexpected, yet entirely welcomed, dedication and passion for coding. "
— Katherine


Organization: Girls Who Code
Student: Katherine Pady, Ada Inigo. Tatyana Minnis, Lana Rosenthal
Project Team Members: Katherine Pady, Lana Rosenthal, Ada Inigo, and Tatyana Minnis
Type of Work: Website
Location: Miami - MDC
Grade: 11th Grade
Year Created: 2015

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