The problem that we are trying to solve is the immediate issue of safety in America; specifically the dangers regarding women and their vulnerability. The  crime rate in America is currently at 2,905.4/ 2,859.2 showing the high-risk dangers in our society. Society is also more and more interlinked through social media, due to apps (i.e Uber and Tinder) where people are exposed to strangers and unaware of others’ intentions. The target audience of the app is the general public who feel unsafe in any given situation specifically, female young adult. The range of the population that feel endangered encompasses children to elders however we are targeting specifically the female population due to their immense vulnerability. In 2015, nearly ⅔ of Americans own a smartphone. We are planning to solve our problem by creating the app which will be available on smartphone platforms and allow users to notify their friends, family, and the police of danger. We Used HTML, CSS, and most importantly Javascript in order to create a proof of concept. The way the app works is that once the user downloads it, they will first set up a profile which will have a customized text message that they will be able to send to a friend, family, or the police. They can click the activate button on the home page and it will set a 10 minute timer (than can be extended using the extend time button) and when the timer reaches 0, it will notify the police or the user's emergency contact of their customized text message. If they are safe when the timer is still going, they can click the I'm Safe button which will take them back to the home page. Or if they are in immedaite danger, they can click the danger button on top which will automatically text the police. The map feature can be used to locate the user and send to the policy or an emergency contact. There's also a map of nearby police stations in the location feature. Let's say you're walking down the street, someone starts to follow you, you don't have a quick way to notify your family and you don't know of a safe place to go to. When you are in that type of situation it is not enough to just call your mom to let her know, We intend to make it easier for you by giving you a simple app that would give you a quick way to notify your family and the police about your situation and location. Our app is for everyone but we specifically decided to target young girls because we are in a program full of young women who we want to help. Most of our youth use their phones extensively and the usage of SOS is something that incorporates two underlying factors in this country. By targeting the younger females , we are solving a huge issue in America.

"I enjoyed using skills that I learned throughout the program like Javascript and HTML, and also learning new things along the way like how to use Firebase and JQuery to build the app. I also really enjoyed working with my team members because everyone was supportive of each other and worked really hard into building the app that we envisioned. Another thing I enjoyed was seeing our app come alive from a small picture we drew on the white board into a working proof of concept on a web page. "
— Allison

Organization: Girls Who Code
Student: Allison Zheng
Project Team Members: Allison Zheng, Maggie Mehari, Jamie Batres, Stephanie Gonzalez
Type of Work: App
Location: Arcata, California
Grade: 12th Grade
Year Created: 2015

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