Results = Cardio = Happy
Redipy helps you include small amounts of exercise into your day without having to do it for a long time. We let you decide your schedule, from either morning to the afternoon or from how much time is spent on each exercise to how many times throughout the day each exercise will be done. Our app also includes Random mode! Random
 mode has no schedule, is spontaneous, fun and funny!

"Redipy was an exciting app to make, we loved bringing our idea to life and hopefully in the future everyone will be able to use it. We honestly can't wait to see our app out in the market!"
— Giselle

Organization: Girls Who Code
Student: Giselle Salas
Project Team Members: Giselle Salas, Sydney Winkler, Gisel Onofre
Type of Work: App
Location: Newark - Prudential
Grade: 12th Grade
Year Created: 2015

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