Rainbow Road

Fast paced and slightly addictive; this obstacle avoidance game will test your ability to think quickly and strategically. You play a spaceship traveling along rainbow road. Dodge the meteors as they race towards you and grab hearts to earn extra lives! How long will you last?

"The most enjoyable part of working on this project was overcoming obstacles. Either we didn't think we could make the game or we were completely lost at some points, but looking back on how much we accomplished and learned through this process we can really see how much those obstacles helped us grow as coders and even young woman. "
— Meagan


Organization: Girls Who Code
Student: Meagan Barillari
Project Team Members: Alexis Macaskill, Meagan Barillari
Type of Work: 3D Animation
Location: Seattle - AT&T
Grade: 12th Grade
Year Created: 2015

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