In America especially, there are millions of students taking standardized classes and tests. APs, IBs, SATs - so many acronyms, so many questions. What is a student to do if she has a question after hours, not answered in the text book? She could ask her classmates, but what if they don’t know? What about the student attempting to self-study?  Well, there’s Reddit, but it’s way too cluttered and distracting. There isn’t a website strictly for students who want to ask substantive, course-relevant questions. We are proud to introduce PrepMe, simply designed  for anyone who has queries, answers, or is in need of resources. With Common Core on the rise, we need this now more than ever.

"Our favorite part about the final project was learning how to communicate our ideas to each other in order to establish our visions . It was also an amazing feeling when we finally got another aspect of the project to work."
— Vicky

Organization: Girls Who Code
Student: Vicky Barth
Project Team Members: Vicky Barth, Elizabeth Borecki
Type of Work: App
Location: NYC - Microsoft (SIP 2)
Grade: 12th Grade
Year Created: 2015

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