Six million pregnancies occur in the United States every year, only half of which are actually intended. This means that of the millions of women who get pregnant, too many of them are insufficiently prepared or supported to go through pregnancy. This is especially true among women from lower income households, and for the 14.5% of women who experience complications during their pregnancies. By connected women to information, resources, and doctors, NüMe empowers women to take control of their health and the health of their babies.

"We loved working together on this project because we felt we were contributing to something greater than either of ourselves. We hope to improve the lives of women of all backgrounds and support them as they go through their pregnancies."
— Sophie

Our completed features include a symptom tracker and a doctor finder. For the symptom tracker, women are given the opportunity to select symptoms from a few categories to explain how they are feeling, and with the click of the button, they can see what their symptoms indicate. We sorted symptoms into lists of the six most common complications so women can immediately be alerted to any concerns raised by their symptoms. The doctor finder uses the Google Maps API to help the user find OB/GYN's, free health clinics, and hospitals in their surrounding area.

In the future we plan to implement many features, including a My Account page, a nutrition page, a Calendar page, and a My Doctor Page, all of which would be connected. The My Account page would allow the user to save their symptoms and track their pregnancy week-by-week through the calendar page, which they could also use to plan appointments and other events, and the My Doctor page would allow the user's doctor to have access to the user's account to check their symptoms and keep better track of their patients, especially coupled with the nutrition page that would track the caloric and nutritional value of their food.

Organization: Girls Who Code
Project Link: View Project Demo
Student: Sophie Garcia and Elle Park
Project Team Members: Sophie Garcia, Elle Park
Type of Work: Uncategorized
Location: NYC - Goldman Sachs
Grade: 12th Grade
Year Created: 2015

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