Money Saver

I didn't finish my app but the purpose of  "Money Saver" is to prevent silly money spending because, I know that many people struggle with this problem like I did so I am trying to help get out of that bad habit.. So basically its a check list that asks the question : "Are you going to spend your money?" and there are answers that reads "Yes", "No","Thinking about it..". I am not finished but what it will do is that it'll also ask "Reason of spending?" the answers to choose from will be "Food" "Clothing", "No reason" "Apps" then it will ask a bunch of follow up questions and give you convincing reasons of not spending your money and how if you cant afford something now you will be able to in the future.

"I've enjoyed that it wasn't as hard to make as the other apps I have made and also it really makes a big impact in peoples lives like mine for example."
— Legacy

Organization: Girls Who Code
Student: Legacy Monet Davis
Type of Work: App
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Grade: 6th Grade
Year Created: 2015

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