Have you ever passed by a place that you have always wanted to go to but you never remember to? That is why we built MapIt. MapIt is a location saver application that will remind users when they are within a one-mile radius of one of their saved locations. With MapIt you are able to categorize your locations any way you want. Therefore, the next time you go out you can look at all your saved locations in their respected category.

"MapIt is a location saver app that notifies users when in a mile radius of one of their saved locations. We loved working on MapIt because it is an app that we all need and want to use. "
— Liya

Organization: Girls Who Code
Student: Liya Wu
Project Team Members: Komal Nerurkar, Jennifer Gomez and Isabella Berry
Type of Work: Uncategorized
Location: NYC - Goldman Sachs
Grade: 11th Grade
Year Created: 2015

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