LOV | VOL is a web application that aims to increase the current New York City volunteer rate. As high school students, we have all faced the problem of wanting to dedicate time to causes we care about, but have come across difficulty in finding local opportunities efficiently. It is not only high school students who would benefit from an easier way to find volunteer opportunities. According to the Corporation for National & Community Service, the volunteer rate across the nation has been decreasing since 2011 and only 19.7% of New York residents volunteered consistently, the lowest rate of all 50 states. LOV | VOL enables New Yorkers to find and serve at volunteer locations around them through the use of the Google Maps API or based on their available free time through JQuery Calendar plugins. This web application incorporates elements of HTML/CSS, Javascript, and JQuery, as well as the use of different APIs in order to implement different features.

"It was enjoyable to work with other determined girls to come up with a solution to a problem we all face and on a project we all feel passionately about. We hope to keep in touch and further develop this project in the future."
— Jessica

Organization: Girls Who Code
Student: Jessica Cheng
Project Team Members: Jessica Cheng, Ryan Griffin, Sophia Markel, Karen Nguyen, Medha Potluri, Valerie Tam
Type of Work: App
Location: NYC - AIG
Grade: 12th Grade
Year Created: 2015

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