LED It Glow: LED Cube

"Music is what feelings sound like... the LED cube is what music looks like." Disco balls and strobe lights are outdated. So, how can we revolutionize the dance floor? The answer is, LED It Glow.

"I enjoyed soldering the LED lights together and seeing the LED light up to programmed patterns and beats of songs. Our stretch goal was getting the LED Cube light up to the beat of any song- we dramatically figured it out 30 minutes before the assignment was due, and I realized to never limit my ambitions, no matter how crazy they might seem. It was a new experience to have to learn something on our own, and well worth the feeling of accomplishment."
— Tran

LED It Glow is a 4X4X4 LED Cube that makes music both visual and appealing. The cube is controlled using the Arduino Software Environment and Processing. Processing helps the computer to get the beats of any song, and its connection to the ASE allows for signals to be sent to the Arduino and for the cube to light up to the music!

Current Features:

  • Pre-programmed patterns for music
  • Beat Detection
  • 64 LED Lights

Future Features:

  • Different sizes and colors
  • Complex patterns (ex: Human dancing)

Organization: Girls Who Code
Student: Tran Pham
Type of Work: Robotics
Location: San Francisco - Square
Grade: 12th Grade
Year Created: 2014

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