Le Fridge

I'm sure we've all discovered month old leftovers in our fridge, one time or another. Le Fridge is an app that makes it easier to keep track of what's exactly in your fridge. Because it uses a database, the information is accessible from any device.

"One of the best parts of working on this project was finding ways to incorporate our favorite recipes. "
— Eva

Every year, we waste 30-40% of produced food in the US, and nine out of ten people throw away food before it even rots. We hoped that through an accessible app, catered for both mobile devices and computers, we could reduce waste and encourage healthy eating by making it easier to cook by helping to use up what is already in the fridge.

Features include:

  • Recipe suggestions based on the contents of the fridge
  • Cookbook with list of recipes
  • Shopping list that connects directly with the fridge inventory

Additional future features include:

  • Picture recognition program that would recognize food names through pictures of store receipts
  • Alarms for expiration dates
  • More recipe packs (dessert, breakfast, etc)

Organization: Girls Who Code
Student: Eva Jiang
Project Team Members: Eva Jiang, Erin Kim
Type of Work: App
Grade: 12th Grade
Year Created: 2014

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