jackALERT allows the user to light up the night and bring attention to a potentially harmful situation.

Walking alone at night isn't always safe, no matter who you are. We created jackALERT to give people a sense of protection by giving them the ability to easily get the attention of bystanders in an unsafe situation. The user presses a button above the right pocket that then lights up LEDs placed on the back and front of the jacket. Our future additions to jackALERT include adding more multi-color LEDs, two speakers on either side of the jacket, and the ability to connect to a user's phone via Bluetooth in order to call 911 when the jacket is activated. 

"I loved figuring out what needed to be done to create a successful l project . I like how all of us did something different to create the project as a whole. We kept trying, even through the difficult times."
— jackAlertCrew

Organization: Girls Who Code
Student: jackAlertCrew
Project Team Members: Jasmine White, Molly Mueller, Reem Hussein, Melody Quintero
Type of Work: Collaboration
Location: Chicago - Groupon
Grade: 12th Grade
Year Created: 2015

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