"Heart Cart" Presented By Grand Rapids Catholic Central

Heart Cart is an innovative app that connects users to food donation opportunities through local food bank organizations while they are shopping for groceries, making food donation more efficient and simple.

"Our school is located in a very urban area of Grand Rapids called the ‘Heartside District,’ named so for the multitude of charity organizations located there, which work to combat poverty. When our team began brainstorming ideas for an app that would benefit our community, we simply had to look across the street to identify problems that we could solve. There is a store called God’s Kitchen directly in front of our school, and our group decided that we could make a dent in food shortages at food donation places like this one by creating an app that makes food donation more efficient and simple."
— Ellen

Organization: Girls Who Code
Student: Ellen Bowen
Project Team Members: Ellen Bowen
Margaret Bowen
Brielle Jaglowski

Type of Work: App
Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Grade: 11th Grade
Year Created: 2015

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