Although many people know that climate change is a problem, they are not aware of what they can do to help the environment or don't have the motivation to take action. One of our members, Thalya worked for one month after 9th grade, picking up litter off the side of the highway and she was astounded at the masses of trash her one team was able to pick up; It was clear that people weren't doing the little things that they could to keep the Earth clean.

"Not only did we get the chance to put together our programming knowledge we have learned to try solving a world problem, but we also established lifelong friendships with girls who have the same interest in technology."
— Laurissa

GreenGeek is an app that raises awareness of what we can do for the environment with an extensive list of simple but impactful tasks you can do to conserve resources or reduce carbon emissions. Game dynamics give motivation to participate--by pledging to do a task, the user receives visual feedback through components that are added to a virtual city. A special task tracks walking and contributes to your city based on how far you walk.To create this app, we used HTML, CSS, JavaScript with jQuery Mobile and ProcessingJS, as well as the Google Maps API.

As part of our future work, we plan to have people contributing to the green renovation of their nearest metropolitan area. To do this, we will need a sponsoring architecture company virtually renovate current cities.  This platform would thus allow for social networking by having people work together and donate to achieve a real benefit for their community.

We plan to fund this by offering a donation button and in-app purchases for special features such as personalization or a rewards system (such as entering raffles to win a Tesla or discounts for Eco-friendly products).

We hope that this app can make a difference by encouraging people to embrace their inner GreenGeek.


Organization: Girls Who Code
Student: Laurissa Lam
Project Team Members: Laurissa Lam, Lynsey Liu, Luana Paleologu, Thalya Paleologu
Type of Work: App
Location: Seattle - Microsoft
Grade: 12th Grade
Year Created: 2014

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