Devin and I created a web-app called CurlKind. Our mission is to educate young girls and women about their hair. Many girls are uneducated about their hair and end up ruining it by straightening too much or using chemicals. We want women and girls to embrace their curls and boost their self-confidence. Our web-app has a hair quiz our users can take to figure out what how to take care of their hair,products to use, and styles to do.  We want our users to love themselves and their hair because it is apart of what makes them unique.

"I enjoyed most taking something I am passionate about and doing something with it. I love that users can take the quiz and previous users have found the tips spot on and very accurate. I liked putting our prototype to work on graduation day."
— Taiylor


Organization: Girls Who Code
Student: Taiylor Waysome and Devin McCoy
Project Team Members: Taiylor Waysome ,Devin McCoy
Type of Work: App
Location: DC - BSA / Georgetown
Grade: 12th Grade
Year Created: 2015

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