Combat Cancer

The problem we see in society is that children aren't as aware of cancer nor the different types. We set out to create a game that will be an educational experience for children 7 and up. You use the up and down keys to move the main character to collect points. In the final battle you use the space bar to fire at the monster. While going through this process, there are "sprites" that represent different cancer. Our biggest challenge is being able to come together to find a solution for our problem. In the future, we would like to create more levels and incorporate more learning opportunities. We will also make our game a bit more complex and difficult for older children. We would also like to create a partnership with the American Cancer Society, along with other cancer awareness organizations. This will allow us to create easy access on our website for users to donate to cancer research. We hope to make an impact that will put forth a change in society.

"We enjoyed the overall freedom of the project. We came together on a common cause that really mattered to us."
— Amari

Organization: Girls Who Code
Project Link: View Project Demo
Student: Amari Carter, Ashley Khondaker, Elizabeth Murillo-Romero, Eva De La Cruz
Project Team Members: Amari Carter, Ashley Khondaker, Elizabeth Murillo-Romero, & Eva De La Cruz
Type of Work: Game
Location: Chicago - Microsoft
Grade: 12th Grade
Year Created: 2015

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