Col To Success

Our  project was created because Lindsay and I are both to young ladies approaching college in the next year or 2 . We found that a lot of kids either don't go to college or drop out because they are having a hard time to funding college. So when we created our website we thought that it would be cool to include tips for what kinds of questions to ask on a college interview and how to dress for a interview. We also included scholarship foundations that have millions of scholarships  that people can apply for. Lastly we gave some do's and don't for filling out a  college application.  Hope yo enjoy :)

"The quote of was "Success is a state of mind""
— Daurren




Organization: Girls Who Code
Student: Daurren Newton
Project Team Members: Lindsay Harper, Daurren Newton

Type of Work: Uncategorized
Location: DC - BSA / Georgetown
Grade: 12th Grade
Year Created: 2015

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