When the word “College” is brought up in a conversation involving a high school student, the inevitable reaction is a groan or faked smile poorly concealing a great deal of stress. With almost 2,000 colleges in the US for students to apply to, the different deadlines and application guidelines quickly become overwhelming. When one piles on the difficulty with standardized testing or knowing what to do during your four years of high school, things start to get out of hand. Code2College was built as an attempt to lift the burden of this inherently stressful time in life, with the ultimate goal to prevent the college application process from driving you insane. Colleges don’t disclose information in the clear and concise manner necessary for an aspiring undergraduate student to make their best effort towards the application process like simple information such as the application due date. In order to debunk the vast unknown surrounding the one-word taboo known as “college”, Code2College strives to synthesize and corroborate all the significant and directly pertinent information necessary for any student to succeed. Our solution to condense college information includes: a calendar/checklist method to organize application dates or other college related events, information about the dreaded ACT and SAT and a chart directly comparing the two tests, basic application information about colleges in one place to reduce the time you spend researching, and a 4 year general guideline for your freshman, sophomore, junior and senior year to help you keep track of important tasks.

"We enjoyed creating a product that could potentially benefit students like us. Additionally, while working on the project, we gained valuable expertise not only in research but also in web design and api integration. Furthermore, we were able to envision prospective applications of our product by demonstrating it to various Intuit employees; we received valuable advice and suggestions for the future of code2college."
— Naomi

Organization: Girls Who Code
Student: Naomi Rivera
Project Team Members: Naomi Rivera, Sam Pal, Allison Nam, Dana Mishenin
Type of Work: Social Media
Location: Bay Area - Intuit
Grade: 11th Grade
Year Created: 2015

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