BlindBind was created out of our common love of literature and our realization of how challenging it can be to find new books. BlindBind itself is a book generator built off the Goodreads API, which uses their massive library of books and book genres to match users to books of interest based off their preferences. Users are then provided with a summary of a book from the genre of their choice, and are then provided with the option to reveal the book’s title and author (both are eliminated from the summary), or to simply keep looking for a book that interests them. It’s like a blind date with a book, but in the digital era.

"We really enjoyed working on this website, since we really are passionate about promoting reading and the use of Chicago's massive library system. We also definitely learned to not judge a book by its cover!"
— Kiley

As appreciators of literature and Chicagoans, we thought it necessary to include a map of Chicago’s libraries. Users native to Chicago can take advantage of this feature (provided by the Mapbox API) by exploring the many libraries across the city, in addition to their unique hours and contact information, and receiving directions from their current location to a library of their choice. We created this feature as a homage to Chicago’s public library system, which we believe has helped further our own love of literature throughout our lives. Finally, aren’t libraries one of the best resources to find new books? With BlindBind, they take on an entirely new relevance.

Organization: Girls Who Code
Student: Kiley M.
Project Team Members: Kiley, Nadine, Xiaja, and Zaakirah
Type of Work: Website
Location: Chicago - Accenture
Grade: 11th Grade
Year Created: 2015

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