BeYou-tiful Mobile App

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Who is going to like this app?
BeYou-tiful is targeted at female teenagers and young adults, ages 13-21.
• Help with organization and tasks
• Improve user’s self-esteem
• Be Inspired and Inspire others

"You can use it to express yourself or change yourself, but most of all make you feel BEAUTIFUL."
— Jasmine

Age doesn’t matter when using BeYou-tiful because we’re sure that all ages will enjoy using this app. It is suppose to help girls be organized with their make up in their crazy lives. Between school, and a social life, their lives get can get pretty messy. That’s where this app comes in. Our app also is suppose to lift girl’s self-esteem, and be inspired to help others find theirs. Since most middle/high school girls are self-conscious, we want them to be, and feel confident.

What are the functions?
BeYou-tiful allows the user to scroll through all their makeup in only a few seconds, helping them figure out what they want to use that day. It also allows the user to create looks that they like so they remember.

Since makeup is something that can make someone break out or make someone look bad when smeared, we decided it would be a good idea for the users on this app to share their opinions about make-up such as if it is not good for sensitive skin, if it smears, and any other thoughts about it.

GWC Jasmine G Courtney W

Why is our app terrific?

  • Tutorials for Search, Create and Share
  • Ease of use
  • Customization options

BeYou-tiful also allows girls to watch and create tutorials. Since most of them are just starting to wear makeup, we want them to feel confident about the way they are wearing it, especially since many people use it to express themselves.

We added the feature of sharing quotes to give advice or just a few words to make someone smile. Everyday a random quote will be presented when you open the app to give the user some confidence from the start. This teaches girls to help each other feel good, and to use these skills in real life.

Since make-up expires we created the feature to put their expiration dates in a calendar and the app will notify you when one of your products is about to expire. In settings to help the user express themselves we added the feature of changing the color of the background, contrasting color, and the text color. We showed the way you can change the colors by making almost every page have a different color scheme.

A QR code is included for users to track or buy items in a wish list. Parents authorize their kids’ communications.

BeYou-tiful has many different features to help with organization and confidence. We knew that make-up can help with confidence or completely change you, that is how powerful makeup is. We knew we had to come up with a way to help organize ourselves, that is how we came up with the idea. You can use it to express yourself or change yourself, but most of all make you feel BEAUTIFUL.

Thank you!

Organization: Girls Who Code
Project Link: View Project Demo
Student: Jasmine Gulik and Courtney Wilson
Project Team Members: Jasmine Gulik (age 12 ), Courtney Wilson (age 13)
Type of Work: App
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Grade: 7th Grade
Year Created: 2015

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