Atta Pup!

Our team created Atta Pup!, a cutting-edge device to train dogs. We saw that there was a problem with the technology available to professional dog trainers. The options are limited and can be more effective. The best way to train dogs is through a reward system and currently dog trainers have to personally deliver each treat to the dog. This is problematic because the movement distracts the dog and hinders its ability to learn the proper behavior. Atta Pup! can be used by professional dog trainers to enthusiastic dog owners. Instead of hand feeding a dog a treat, a user can simply push a button on the app and a treat will automatically dispense from the dog's collar through a bluetooth connection. The treat dispenses within seconds, eliminating the distraction caused by the trainer’s movement.

"Besides the designing, building, and coding part of our project our favorite part was actually getting to test our product on a dog and see it work the way we wanted it to. "
— Larissa

The treat dispenser itself is small enough to fit on a collar and its wires are safely stored in a vest. Atta Pup! has a training mode that allows the trainer to start a timer and dispense a treat with the touch of a button. The app allows trainers to create multiple dog profiles that are displayed on the app's home page. Once a dog has been selected, the trainer can choose a training mode that aligns with the stage of the dog's progress: beginner, intermediate, or advanced. To begin training the trainer presses a start button, which starts a timer. He or she can then press sound buttons that connect to the speaker and notify the dog whether it performed a correct or incorrect task. Trainers can also store notes about the training session. Once the dog has accomplished the task, the trainer can dispense a treat to the dog simply with the touch of another button. Additionally, the app connects to an SQLite database that stores dog profiles and allows trainer to view their stats such as accuracy, speed, and level.

Organization: Girls Who Code
Student: Larissa Ho
Project Team Members: Larissa, Madison, Susanna, Vickie
Type of Work: App
Location: Seattle - Google
Grade: 12th Grade
Year Created: 2014

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