Angry Girls

Throughout the nature of this course, Girls Who Code not only taught us the basics of computer science, but more importantly, motivated us girls to go the extra mile and do what we thought was “the impossible”. They especially emphasized the fact that just because we are girls, so what? That is no reason to back down from anything. We all definitely got a major boost in confidence this summer. However, many girls aren’t fortunate enough to have these opportunities, causing them to lack confidence.

"Empowering girls, one level at a time."
— Claudia

And this made us angry. In order to attack these issues, we’ve created Angry Girls.

Angry Girls promotes awareness of different issues that females face, and better yet, our video game empowers girls to overcome these issues.

For example, in level 1, we chose to target the issue of cat-calling, which is when someone makes a whistle, shout, or comment of sexual nature to a woman passing by. The player has to help our main character, Angry Ada, named after the first computer programmer: Ada Lovelace, defeat the cat-callers by throwing high heels at them.

Society has accepted and normalized guns and violence through video games such as Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto, which targets a male audience. However, there aren’t many video games out there that 1) do not degrade women, 2) have a female protagonist, or 3) target a female audience --- and we’re changing that.

We decided to embrace our femininity by throwing a high heel at the cat-callers, as to show Angry Ada standing up for herself. Then, in level 2, the player helps Angry Ada climb up the corporate ladder, while collecting coins, in order to symbolize the overcoming of the gender pay gap.

Now it's your turn to embark on YOUR journey with Angry Ada!

To view our demo, please open our link on the Mozilla Firefox web browser.

Organization: Girls Who Code
Project Link: View Project Demo
Student: Claudia Loiacono, Alexandra Fernandez, Gabriela Shaikh
Project Team Members: Claudia Loiacono, Alexandra Fernandez and Gabriela Shaikh.
Type of Work: Game
Location: Miami - FIU
Grade: 11th Grade
Year Created: 2015

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