Alphabuddy is a new app created to teach children the letters of any alphabet. Currently, the beta version enables people to learn Tibetan, English, and Hebrew. Users select a language and trace the letters; audible instructions are available to make this process easily understood. The name of the letter and the sound it makes are pronounced, so that students can begin to understand the language verbally. Programmed to detect if a letter is correct or not, this app enthusiastically encourages progress.

"Working on a team to create something for an audience was so fun and we learned a lot from each other. Since we only had about a week to make it, the pressure was high, but we stayed optimistic. Seeing our final product made us realize the effort was worth the reward."
— Naomi

While other tools exist to teach languages, this app was designed for easy access and with a specific intention. Since the Chinese invasion of Tibet, Tibetans are losing their culture. With each generation, less people are continuing traditions, and the diminishing language is a serious problem. Other cultures are also experiencing this backward transition. Alphabuddy is here to help sustain the communication of all background. In the future, the device will include more languages, and possibly be an open source so that users can add what is unavailable.

You can view the appĀ here.

Organization: Girls Who Code
Project Link: View Project Demo
Student: Naomi Keusch Baker
Project Team Members: Naomi Keusch Baker, Laureen Torres, Tenzin Ukyab
Type of Work: App
Grade: 12th Grade
Year Created: 2014

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